Freitag, 19. Februar 2016, 18:30–20:00 The First 100 Years of Japanese Porcelain ‒Masterpieces of the Nabeshima Ware (Led by Alice Gordenker)

Porcelain made exclusively for the shogun must be something special, yes?

It is! See for yourself, on Friday evening Feb. 19 at 6:30 pm, when OAG will make an excursion to the Toguri Museum of Art in Shoto, Shibuya. We have received a special invitation to the new „Nabeshima ware“ exhibition, and so may enjoy our own private viewing, including a guided tour in English by Japan Times arts writer Alice Gordenker. She will give a brief introductory lecture about the history of Japanese porcelain, and then guide us through the exhibition. OAG members who have participated in Ms. Gordenker’s events know that her tours are very informative and enjoyable, and her enthusiasm for learning about Japan is infectious. After, we will have a very special opportunity to view, touch and photograph up close real Nabeshima ware from the Edo Period.

The first porcelain in Japan was made in the early 17th century in Arita, which was under the control of the Nabeshima samurai clan. A few decades later, the clan set up a special kiln for the exclusive production of porcelain to be given as tribute to the Tokugawa shogun. They spared no expense, staffing this kiln with the most skilled and talented potters. This was the advent of Nabeshima ware, a very beautiful and refined style of Japanese porcelain. We will be able to see about 70 examples of fine Edo-era Nabeshima ware, including a new acquisition for the museum, purchased recently from a private collection in €pe and exhibited publicly for the first time: a very rare 4-color plate in the large shakuzara size – there are only about 25 known examples in the entire world.

The Toguri Museum of Art is a private museum specializing in fine Asian porcelain, founded in 1983. Its collection contains over 7,000 fine works, including Japanese, Chinese and Korean porcelain. Mr. Toguri himself will welcome us to the museum and accompany us throughout the evening.

The fee for this excursion is 2,000 yen, which includes admission, a guided tour in English and the special „hands on“ touching experience. Each participant will receive a gift of two tickets good for another visit (a 2,000-yen value). Don’t miss this very special opportunity.

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Diese Tour ist 3. bzw. 4. Teil einer Reihe von Ausstellungen, die die Anfänge des japanischen Porzellans zeigen.
Freitags ist das Museum normalerweise bis 19 Uhr geöffnet!

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